dal Dormire al Mangiare

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck...

-Emma Goldman

Perfect Peach Table Setting 

If there was ever a bedding company which could evoke the timeless elegance of a rose, it would be Bella Notte. In their new Tabletop line, they delicately place the most extraordinary of roses on our tables so our dinners are just as elegant as those linens which we have fallen in love with over the years. 

White Quilted Satin Velvet 

One of the simplest ways to invoke Bella Notte's timeless elegance into your table is with their quilted satin velvet placemats. We love the idea of mixing colors to bring a fun, multi-dimensional element to an otherwise crisp, white setting. They're lightyears away from those plastic map placemats we had as kids but we think they'll have just as nostalgic a place in our hearts for years to come. 

White and Petal Linen Napkins 

Bird Toile in Ebony 

Bird Toile in Ebony 

If you're feeling really decadent (which we usually are!) then trading in those cutesy paper napkins for luxurious Bella Notte cloth napkins feels absolutely appropriate. They come in three different fabrics including homespun, bird toile and linen, and in all the Bella Notte colors. For summer we love pairing seaglass placemats and white linen napkins then switching it up in winter with sable and champagne. 

Ebony Olivia Lace Tablecloth 

Ebony Olivia Lace Tablecloth 

Fawn Olivia Lace Tablecloth and Quilted Satin Velvet Placemat

Olivia Lace tablecloths are one of our favorite parts of the line. Olivia is irrevocably feminine but undeniably opulent and gives a delicate texture to any perfectly designed Bella Notte Table. 

Mint Table Setting 

This Mint Tablet Setting by Bella Notte is just as the name suggests- crisp and refreshing! It pairs perfectly with yellow lemons and brings a sense of charming refinement to an otherwise rustic setting. 

Mint Quilted Satin Velvet Placemat and Mint Linen Napkin

Mint Olivia Lace Tablecloth